The MPC Orbit (MPCORB) Database

The MPC Orbit (MPCORB) database contains orbital elements of minor planets that have been published in the Minor Planet Circulars, the Minor Planet Orbit Supplement and the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars.

At present MPCORB is not available via anon-ftp on this site.

Information on the format of the elements is available via the Documentation page.

Available Files


MPCORB.DAT is available in either uncompressed or gzip-compressed form. The compressed file is about 30% the size of the uncompressed file.

We currently do not support the generation of the CR version of this (or any other) file. This functionality may return in the future, but for the present you may try this third-party gzip file.

Elements of special classes of objects

Elements of NEAs for current epochs

Mirror Sites

It is not possible to update the mirror sites at the present time.